the mall, but different
April 17-19, Open Engagement 2015
Century III Mall, Pittsburgh PA

Public Tours: April 17 at 2pm, 3pm, 3:45pm
tours begin at the Sensory3 kiosk, 1st floor, mall center fountain
Open Hours: April 18 & 19 from 1-5pm

dadpranks and guest artists invite you to:
SHOP our interactive eRetail Kiosk stocked with custom shopping bags
WALK our Mall Tour* with spiritual, horticultural and architectural experts
LOOK at a collection of video installations, displays & camouflage performances
LISTEN and download our site-specific Mallcasts*
*To participate in the Mall Tour/Mallcasts, please bring a smartphone and a pair of headphones

Sensory3 strives to bring the physical and digital aspects of "mall culture" back together, using net-based art and e-retail aesthetics to explore contemporary uses of physical, brick and mortar mall architecture. Online retail and social networking have shifted the economic and social purposes that malls have once served. “Mall culture,” once integral to youth culture, corporate branding, fashion, and American aesthetics, has deviated from the physical realm. This project explores potential synergies between artists and the businesses striving to maintain foot traffic and relevance in this unique setting.

This is not "ruins porn." It is a mutually beneficial relationship between existing businesses and artists who are examining contemporary retail aesthetics and economic issues through their work. Dapranks is working with Century III Mall to establish an Artist In Residence program where artists work intimately with the space and the people inhabiting it. Sensory3 is intended to be a long-term project that takes many forms with and in Pittsburgh area malls. Open Engagement is the official launch of our pilot.

dadpranks is: Lauren Goshinski, Isla Hansen, Kate Hansen, Elina Malkin, Nina Sarnelle, Laura A. Warman