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April 17-19, 2015 at Century III Mall

While you’re at the mall, take a selfie at our selfie stops to be part of the LOOK Gallery! Send to uncannysfvalley@gmail.com for a custom collage by artist Casey Kauffman (insta: @UncannySFValley). Collages will be available on this page after April 19.

+ Video installation by the Institute for New Feeling
+ Performance by Misael Soto
+ Instagram installation by Casey Kauffmann
+ Tai Chi mats and Mall Camo by Isla Hansen
+ Mannequin styling by Nina Sarnelle
+ eRetail Kiosk & Photo Booth by Lauren Goshinski & Elina Malkin
+ Custom Shopping Bags by Lauren A. Warman

selfie stops
♢ Chroma green
♢ Chroma blue
♢ Color blocks
♢ Adam Levine

~ Look for small diamond ♢ markings around the mall
~ Take a selfie
~ Post it on Instagram and tag/follow @UncannySFValley
~ Casey Kauffmann will make your pic into a custom collage on her Instagram and for download at sensory3mall.com/look

meditation stops
≈ Pyramid sit
≈ Twelve selves
≈ Twin Diamonds
≈ Infinity Hall
≈ Denali Summit
≈ Nauman Speaks Nau

~ Look for small ≈ marking around the mall
~ Stand or sit comfortably on or in front of the symbol
~ Listen to a sensory3 Mallcast on your personal device.